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Boraginaceae flowers

Observed: 2nd October 2011 By: dbs1dbs1’s reputation in Plantsdbs1’s reputation in Plants
Boraginaceae flowers
Boraginaceae flowers 1

5 pairs of pink petals. A larger number of white petals forming an inner ring surrounding the yellow-tipped green stamens. Long swollen reddening corolla held inside the (I think) 5-pointed calyx.
Hairy lanceolate opposite leaves.
About 50cm tall.
I think it's some kind of borage/comfrey type flower.

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Yes, a campion of some sort

Yes. Now I've looked at some photos of campions, it's definitely one of them - not a borage after all.
The 5 paired notched petals seem to be a giveaway.

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Be careful ...

pink-flowered campions are not necessarily hybrids.

As the accompanying observation shows a plant that could be the white form of Red Campion, the plant here could be the pink intermediate between white and darker pink versions of Red Campion.

Pale pink-flowered plants are usually hybrids, but I don't think we can be completely sure here.


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... for confirming the possibility. That thought did occur to me when I saw the nearby white observation, but by that time I'd already posted the tentative hybrid ID and I didn't want to risk confusion by backtracking.


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