Updated Terms of Use for iSpot

Martin Harvey's picture

As of today we've made a few changes and clarifications in iSpot's Terms of Use. The main additions are:

  • making it clearer that photos of nesting birds and roosting bats should not be uploaded on iSpot
  • making it clearer that the details of wildlife observations on iSpot may be passed on to recording schemes and environmental records centres

We've always said that photos of nesting birds and roosting bats should not appear on iSpot, but this wasn't explicitly stated in our previous Terms of Use. More information on nesting birds, and on the BTO's Nest Record Scheme, can be found on iSpot's "Groups" page for birds.

We know that a number of recording schemes have kept an eye on iSpot observations over the years, sometimes extracting details for the ones that interest them, and in one case adding the resulting data to the NBN Gateway where it is available to inform the work of a range of conservation organisations and others. Many of the experts and organisation representatives on iSpot are involved with the recording schemes, and part of their interest in the site is in finding new observations of species that can help inform their work. We want to make this process easier, and have been developing a system that allows the national and local recording schemes we work with to download the basic data (species, location, date etc.) that they need. We will not be passing on any photo image files, nor any contact details, just the iSpot user name as it appears on the public website.

In this way the observations on iSpot can contribute to more formal surveying and monitoring of wildlife. For anyone who records wildlife on a regular basis we would also encourage you to get involved directly with the relevant recording schemes, many of which have representatives on iSpot with badges next to their name, or are linked from our "Groups" pages.