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Red campion

Observed: 1st October 2011 By: Dizzykipper
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Growing in long grass on verge of small road only used as access to golf course.

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Am I right in thinking that this is an example of a hybrid between the red (Silene dioica) and white (S. latifolia) campions - hence its paler pink colour?

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As far as I know, it seems likely unless the photo isn't true to colour.

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Now you mention it, they were

Now you mention it, they were slightly paler in colour but I didn't know enough to realise it might be a hybrid and just thought it was a regional variation. Is there any other way to know which it is other than the flower colour?

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Not easy

Following on from LVS77, it doesn't seem easy. See Chris Metherell's comments on this observation: http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/34329

Although petal colour is the main cue, this comment in a newsletter from the Shropshire Botanical Society implies that it isn't reliable:

"Hybrid Campion Silene x hampeana (S. dioica x latifolia) is undoubtedly very common, but cannot be reliably recorded simply on the basis of pink flowers. A substantial number of field records should probably be deleted, as there is little evidence of careful identification and no specimens or independent confirmations are known."


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Hybrid campions

One book says 'Hybrids between S. dioica and S.latifolia, S. x hampeana, with pink flowers and intermediate characters , are common where the parents grow together.' (Collins Flower Guide).
Blamey, Fitter and Fitter in 'Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland' say that the red campion can range in colour 'from deep red in Shetland through the normal bright rosy pink and the paler pink of the frequent hybrid with the white campion to the occasional albino sport, which has purer white flowers than the white campion and triangular calyx teeth.' Sounds complicated to me!

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Sounds complicated to me too!

Sounds complicated to me too! Interesting though, and thank you all for your comments :-)