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White fungus

Observed: 1st October 2011 By: Dizzykipper
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Growing in small area of bare earth, in grassy area at edge of golf course. I wondered if it is some kind of puffball, split open at one side-? That's only a vague guess though - any help with identification would be really appreciated!


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might be puffball but could

might be puffball but could be other things too, not going to get an id for this one as its damaged and does not show any characteristic shape.

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Did yours puff when you poked it?

This looks like my observation last week, which I tentatively IDed as a giant puffball, and someone agreed.
Mine didn't puff out any spores when I poked it, though. Did yours?
Yours has an obvious stipe (stem), which mine didn't.

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And how big was it?

And how big was it?
I suppose that's an important question!
Now that I look at it again, it doesn't look that big. It's the cracks that look like mine.

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I'm extremely new to looking

I'm extremely new to looking at fungii so i didn't realise it was damaged- I just thought the crack was part of the way it grows! I didn't poke it too much as I had my dog with me and didn't want her to think it was interesting and pick it up! It was a bit bigger than a cricket ball, if that helps at all, and was the only one there - I didn't find any others at all in that area.

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This is definitely H

This is definitely H utriformis. Both your find and that of dbs1 show signs of large cracking due to weather conditions but where your surface is warty that of dbs1 is smooth.
The size also fits perfectly for H utriformis.