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Observed: 1st October 2011 By: Dizzykipper
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Gorse on grassland around edge of golf course.

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Thanks for the information -

Thanks for the information - I wondered about it flowering this late, but my Collins book said it can flower all year round and I thought it was maybe due to the heat we have recently had -? (It was a hot weekend the day we were over there & some of the garden plants had re-flowered) Is this hybrid quite common then, and would it be a naturally occurring one or a deliberate hybrid?
Jo :-)

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The hybrid occurs naturally but I don't think it is common. You would need to examine the fruits carefully for number of seeds and bract size. It is not possible to do this from a photo, but your bracts look normal for U. europaeus.


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Consistently autumn-flowering

Consistently autumn-flowering gorses are quite common in the Menai Bridge area, making perhaps 5% of the "europaeus".

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The hybrid ...

The hybrid usually flowers in early to mid summer, bridging the gap between the end of the spring flowering of U. europaeus and the summer flowering of U. gallii.

U. europaeus commonly flowers in autumn as well as spring, so this is not, in itself, an indication of hybridity.

Geographically, the hybrid is pretty unlikely in North Yorkshire.

Basically I agree with Cicuta58's comments on this.


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