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Hopwood Services, M42

Every time we have to stop on a journey, we exercise with the dog and I am never disappointed when we visit Hopwood Services on the M42. In fact we tend to aim for it now. I wander about, camera in hand, knowing I'm going to find something interesting. In spring the rough "dog walking" area was alive with butterflies, day flying moths and damsel flies. In summer I wasn't quick enough to photograph a thumb nail sized dark beetle. Possibly a type of dung beetle or .....(the name's on the tip of my tongue!). Last weekend as I was looking to see if I could find the beetle again I missed photographing a kestrel which was hovering close by - it was a speck in the sky by the time I got my camera organised!

I wonder if I'm just easily pleased? Does anyone else feel the same? Should we congratulate the designers of this Service station?



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The new ones

They have taken to building the newer service areas with green areas for things like dog walking and play areas and also as a screen around all the car and truck parks. I have in the past watched starlings gather in the sky and stream down into mature cypruss trees planted as a thin screen around Watford gap services an older one with little other green space inside the boundary but still with wild life to be seen.


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New one on a nature reserve near Preston

A totally new services opened recently on the M6 (I know, it's not in the East Midlands!) near Preston. Brockholes nature reserve is the host to this new sustainable motorway service area. I've not had a chance to go yet, but plan to next time I am passing!

See more information here: