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Empty egg cases on rose leaf

Observed: 11th October 2011 By: JustB
empty egg cases on rose leaf
Hatched insect on rose leaf
insect on the move on rose leaf

Observed under a microscope, these egg cases are 2mm long.


No identification made yet.

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egg cases and hatched insect

I hadn't finished with the description.. the other 2 photos are of the creatures which hatched from the eggs on the rose leaf and are maybe 3mm long, and 2 days since hatching. They are being fed on sugar solution and are very active. I have no idea what they are, so any observations would be welcome!

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The egg case looks very like

The egg case looks very like the egg case of a sawfly. However the larva looks like that of the oak sawfly Periclista lineolata. You could try giving them a choice of oak or rose leaves to eat!

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re Larva

Thanks very much, I'll try that and continue to watch them as they grow.

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not sure these are sawflies, usually sawfly eggs are laid in slits in plant tissue, the slits are made by the saw-like ovipositor, hence the name. Perhaps they are beetles? What do they look like now?

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thay could be a new spicies of moth or somethin

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how are u sure thay hatched

how are u sure thay hatched from the egg cases