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Observed: 9th October 2011 By: JpenroseJpenrose’s reputation in Mammals

Shortly after 4pm we arrived at St Abbs and as we arrived at the edge of the car park and looked out over the sea and rocks immediately north of the harbour wall the 'otter' swam across in front of us (about 25ft away) and climbed out on the rocks.
In view of comments and identification received it would appear probable that this was a mink.

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Sea Otter Enhydra lutris does

Sea Otter Enhydra lutris does not occur in Europe. However, many of the Otters Lutra lutra in Scotland live on the sea shore, especially in the west.

This, however, is all the wrong shape for an Otter. The head is too pointed, there is no colour difference between crown and throat, and the tail is far too thin and short.



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Sorry - Very otter colour but

Sorry - Very otter colour but on closer inspection I also think it is an American Mink

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This is definitely a mink, note the slender body held horizontal (otters arch their body) and the uniform dark colour, otters are paler underneath.

Graham Banwell

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