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Marooned creature on shore

Observed: 30th September 2011 By: KevinWright
Unknown animal
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looks like a large bug that

looks like a large bug that should not be in the sea at all but rather freshwater.

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Definintely - I think it's one of the giant water bugs and they are all freshwater spp.


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We weren't sure it was in the

We weren't sure it was in the right habitat, but it was miles from freshwater. Thanks.

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Identification - Belostomatidae

Thanks, dshubble, that looks right. So how did it get to the shores of an Ionian Island?

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Giant water bug away from freshwater.

These monsters can fly... and may have been in search of freshwater when it landed in the wrong place.. They are often lured astray by bright lights. Members if its genus Lethocerus are eaten in some cultures sand the flight muscles are much prized and said to taste really good!

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.