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Bottlenosed-dolphin pod bowriding

Observed: 10th March 2010 By: jason.birtjason.birt’s reputation in Mammalsjason.birt’s reputation in Mammals
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Some pictures of bottlenosed dolphins who joined us while we were returning from a sampling trip near St Agnes. About seven of them. We stuck to the WiSE guidelines and they approached us. We motored slowly and after 15 minutes they got bored. Perhaps we were going too slowly!

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15 mins is good

Showing this much interest is pretty good at any time of year, but is good for spring. Was on an offshore trip recently where bottlenose and common engaged much less than in summer. One suggestion was that they are working harder to get food at present, so have less time for pleasure.

Photos of the dorsal can be used for individual ID but you need clearer shots

I like the photo of them charging in!