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St Mark's fly

Observed: 21st April 2009 By: kitty_su
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St Mark's fly
St Mark's fly in flight

I see these flies in large numbers every spring. They fly slowly with hind legs dangling.

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You definitely have "a" St Mark's fly, in family Bibionidae, and it could well be "the" St Mark's fly, Bibio marci, but I'm just a bit hesitant without knowing the size. It's difficult to judge the size from the photos, but at first glance it looked a bit small for B. marci to me.

However, the general shape, colour and hairiness looks correct for B. marci, so I'm not going to dispute it!, but it would be a useful double-check next time you see one to get a measurement of its length (from front of head to tip of abdomen, or atlernatively the length of one of the wings).

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