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Observed: 14th September 2011 By: blup

Brown fly seemed to hide in leaf litter in mixed pine broadleaf woodland along the west coast of France but I'm sure I've also seen these in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. They would fly up behind me and attach! Very persistent and difficult to dislodge. Very resistant to swatting or even squashing! Appx 10mm long, squat thick legs. Seem to prefer woodland to open ground or neighbouring beach.

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I should have said that these

I should have said that these are parasitic flies. The adults drink blood, and use it to to nourish the egg which develops to a pupa (almost) inside the female. Once the adults find a host, Lipoptena loses its wings, and lives among the fur like a louse. That explains why they are are smooth and flat. Extremely difficult to catch and squash, whether you are a deer or a human!



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Thanks for the id and info. I spent ages trying to find it myself. I don't suppose there's a natural repellant for these?