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Peltigera rufescens?

Observed: 23rd September 2011 By: lewislewis’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslewis’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
ICKD3 1st Peltigera rufescens
ICKD3 1st Peltigera rufescens 1
ICKD3 1st Peltigera rufescens 1 2
ICKD3 1st Peltigera rufescens 1 2 3

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Mixed population

I think both P. canina and P. rufescens are represented here.

Photo 1 I think is P. canina - rhizines are white, weak and fluffy and the veins on the underside show no sign of darkening. Also the lobe edges are not strongly wavy.

Photos 2 and 4 I agree look more like P. rufescens, and in photo 4 we see some darker rhizines.

The two species often grow intermixed, including at Icklingham Common and elsewhere in Breckland, and without taking up and turning over entire lobes (when dark veins confirm P. rufescens) it can be very difficult to tell them apart. P. canina has a bullately wrinkled upper surface when damp, so a spray with water (or sudden heavy shower!) can also help.

(photos of both species include Breckland material)


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Thanks for the helpful id

Thanks for the helpful id tips and links Alan