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Observed: 9th October 2011 By: Vicki
Whole plant
Whole plant 1

Growing by Oxford Canal. Stem quite thick, but most has been mown off.
Very unusual seed - almost 1cm long, with 2 long spikes with backward pointing barbs at either side. Comparatively tiny yellow flower in centre of barbs

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Vicki has added a revision that repeats an identification already in place.

Note the words of iSpot: "Don't use "Add a revision" to repeat an identification that has already been made (if you want to expand on an existing identification that is best done in the comments for the observation)."

But she does remind me that I am a bit bothered by this ID as B. connata, even though I added agreement. The leaf margins are untoothed, when they should be strongly serrate, Vicki describes the achenes as having backwardly pointing barbs, which is said to be rarely the case in this species, and there are also her remarks about achene dimensions. I have checked the full account in Sell & Murrell and they don't offer any other reasonable alternative to B. connata, and they do emphasise the variability of the American species (which include B. connata). Still, this is not (quite) the same as the plant I know from visits to London.