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Common pipistrelle

Observed: 26th June 2009 By: colhig17colhig17 is knowledgeable about Mammalscolhig17’s earned reputation in Mammalscolhig17’s earned reputation in Mammals

Seen flying and heard on a Magenta III bat detector. Foraging along edge of wooded parkland.

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Is it possible to record the

Is it possible to record the sound on the bat detector and put a recording here to listen to?

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Bat detectors

Yes, you can record to mini-disc or increasingly mp3 recorder.

For a good selection of recording see the Warwickshire Bat Group pages:

Heterodyne bat detectors are the basic detectors you are most likely to come into contact with and will still allow you to record signals for playback. A good heterodyne detector eg Magenta Bat4 will only cost about £60

The more advanced frequency-division and time-expansion detectors can produce sonograms to be analysed by computer.


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