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Hydnum rufescens Terracotta Hedgehog

Observed: 30th September 2011 By: miked
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Hydnum rufescens Terracotta Hedgehog

Turned out to be rather crunchy for breakfast as the sandy soil tended to get stuck in the spines, the fins have rather nice little brush attached to the end of their knives used for collecting fungi. Knife+brush for 1.99 euros in local supermarket (they also had more expensive versions), not sure how many uk supermarkets sell special mushroom collecting knives.


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garden centre

You can get them in some garden centre's but not sure about supermarket.


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I have one of these knives,

I have one of these knives, my sister bought it in a national trust shop for me! You can buy them online too.

Sarah West
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Yorkshire and Humber