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What mammal creates these?

Observed: 9th October 2011 By: jenniferpowelljenniferpowell’s reputation in Mammals

There were three of these, in a line, approximately 60cms apart, each one wasabout 50 cms.

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I'm trying to catch one in my garden ! They're not very good for lawns !


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I think it would make a

I think it would make a lovely talking feature! Much better than plain grass.

jennifer powell

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Mole hills

As I keep trying to convince my Father-in-law there is no point trying to remove moles. Once the moles have settled they stop digging and all you need to do is flatten the hills and live with them; they are highly territorial and will keep new moles out. However, if you remove the moles then new ones will move in and dig new tunnels creating more mole hills.

Graham Banwell

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