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Hanging out in a plum tree.

Observed: 13th August 2009 By: LydiaRosie
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Grey colour bug, short wing-like structures not covering abdomen.

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The Ant Damsel bug is also

The Ant Damsel bug is also very similar (Himacerus mirmicoides), but I think the combination of habitat and antennae length make the above species more likely. There are good pictures of both species at

Rob Coleman

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Fiddly one this - I looked at Himacerus for the same reasons as Rob, but this should have definite spots along the sides of the abdomen. Nabis usually have long wings, but in short-winged forms, the rear edge of the pronotum is about 2.5 (and definitely more than 2) times as long as the front edge.


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Himacerus apterus

This is certainly a Himacerus female and as Rob says, the length of the wings and antennae plus the arboreal habitat all point to H. apterus.

The spots on the sides of the abdomen in this genus are not always very obvious and seem to be almost absent in this specimen

National Recorder for Terrestrial Heteroptera (shieldbugs & allies)

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Ta for info - having been off to look at the BritishBugs website, I'd have to agree,