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Green Beetle

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Green Beetle

Green beetle found on sheep parsley

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My source for my agreement tells me that the '...elytra are soft, often bluish, and always gaping' (Collins Gem Guide [1986] 'Insects'). Would someone please tell me what 'elytra' are as I can find no specific reference for this.

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Hi Janys The elytra are the

Hi Janys
The elytra are the wing cases. It's a minefield all this terminology isn't it!! I started my own glossary of terms as I found that it helped me remember them.

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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Glossary it is

Thanks, Sarah. I think the glossary is a good idea, so that's my first word. It is a bit of a minefield for a newbie as you so rightly say, and the books I have never seem to give more than the essentials, and often those are for people who already know what they are talking about!