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Mandarin Duck

Observed: 7th October 2011 By: KevbertKevbert’s reputation in BirdsKevbert’s reputation in BirdsKevbert’s reputation in Birds
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Mandarin AND Wood Ducks

The male is quite clearly a Mandarin Duck, but the female seems to be a Wood Duck (far more white around the eye being the easiest feature to see (very narrow 'spectacles' in Mandarin).

The male is obviously wing clipped (all primaries missing on the right wing), and the female looks like she has the left wing clipped,so both are captive/recently released birds.

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Female wood duck

I wasn't sure about the female as the breast feathers seemed to be wrong.
The birds were found in a small roadside lake and are probably captive as there were a few exotic ducks which I couldn't find in my books.
Thanks for the comments.