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Unusual in the middle of kent

Observed: 27th September 2011 By: pandajane10
unusual in the middle of kent

A red squirrel in the middle of kent???
they must be coming back!!

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put it on

You need to put it on as an identification or else I cannot agree and someone else will take credit for your correct id and just click on recommend for your scientific name.


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Identification & Autumnwatch

It's a Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).
On Autumnwatch the other night they showed an albino squirrel - very interesting !


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Lovely to see this! I hope

Lovely to see this! I hope they eventually find their way to Christchurch Park here in Ipswich. I'd gladly let them share the food I put out for the birds!

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Your ID

Hello Panda Jane - Have a go at ID ing Everyone has kindly left the Id for you - It will help you earn your first star on I-spot
Very Nice shot also

Best wishes


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