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Disappearing frogspawn

The appearance of frogs in our garden pond (Tees-side) on Sunday 13th march reminded me of the problem we've had two years running. (The pond is now in its fifth year in a small back garden.)
All the spawn has disappeared - not just some of it, but every clump. Last year, I put some metal mesh over the section of the pond it was in - it still vanished.
I plan to remove it this year and put it in a tank until it hatches. But what would take it all?
Herons or mallards? we get both traversing the small beck across the road, but the garden is small and fenced, which I'd have thought would be a deterrent (the mesh certainly so).
Fox? same reasons why not, I'd guess, although one did visit next door's back garden for a while.
Rats? all the new houses in the street have decking at the back, so there is plenty of shelter. Or maybe it's two-legged rats...



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Have you fish in the pond?

Have you fish in the pond? If so there's your culprits

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