Help us test the new version of iSpot

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iSpot is being refreshed with a smart new design and some extra features that we hope will make the site easier to use and more informative. We're seeking help with testing the new design before it goes live, to check that you can still find the things you are used to on the site, and that no bugs or glitches have crept in.

Important: the test site will not retain any observations, photos or comments added to it - please do try out the new "add an observation" section, but be aware that anything you do upload on the test site will be lost when it switches over to the live site. (Also, please note that the test site has a smaller limit on the size of photo that can be uploaded, but when the changes are made to the live iSpot site the original limit will apply.)

CLICK HERE to go to the new design and help us test it. Please add any comments to the User Feedback Forum on the test site.

Changes to look out for

As well as the new design overall, look out for:

  • Home page rearranged to make it easier to find the main sections of iSpot; latest photos shown as scrolling images, that can be filtered by species group
  • The "Add an observation" process has been streamlined, and for each observation the location and any photos are added as part of the observation (previously photos and locations could be uploaded independently of observations, but this proved to be confusing and many of our users found the complexity of this unhelpful)
  • "Matching likely IDs": on the observation pages you can now see a scrolling set of photos of all the other observations whose likely identification matches the one for the current observation - makes it easy to compare observations of the same species and check they do in fact look similar!
  • Whenever you are looking at Observations (or Forum posts), you have the option to go to the "next" or "previous" in the list ("the list" being whichever list you came from to arrive at the Observation, e.g. if you had used the filters to show only "birds" then the next/previous will move you through the sequence of bird observations)
  • iSpot's "Search" facility now shows images as well as the observation headings


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I've just had a go and I love the changes you have made. Putting the photograph at the top seems really logical and the way it brings up other photographs of that ID is brilliant. Working with primary school children, these changes will make the site much easier for them to use.


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The best just got better!

I think your changes are brilliant everything is to hand and being able to move to similar observations or back and forth when browsing is great.

congradulations on a great job!