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Fine brown? seaweed on Mytilus

Observed: 27th August 2011 By: andrewcowleyandrewcowley’s reputation in Plants
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A very fine short turf-like seaweed growing in patches on mid-shore Mytilus edulis in N. Cornwall. It appears brown but could possibly be a red.
Photo 3 : Apical cell 16 x 9.5 µm.
Photo 4 : Cells 8 - 12 µm.

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Legacy post

Such a detailed post
Very few of Andrew's legacy posts have no ID.
It did not take me long - looking for epiphytes on mussels - to find this, which I hope is the one.

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A good ID, dj. New species to me, as it was to Andy it seems. I note M G's i.e link you give says "that the recently found populations of Caulacanthus in Brittany and SW England probably represent an adventive species from the Pacific. " So it may get another name sometime.
It does actually have the look of a Caulacanthus with those pointed apices. What excellent detail Andy posted here, as elsewhere.


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Yes, I enjoy Andy's attention to detail and would have been following him avidly by now. I notice too that he was a curator for EoL
I wish I could add THE Seaweed tag here!