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Little Egrets?

Observed: 13th September 2011 By: Mike PinderMike Pinder’s reputation in Birds
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Seen on Menai Straights in September; my reference books show them only as summer visitors to southern Europe. Is this an unusual sighting?

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Books go out of date!

Only today I was watching Little Egrets here in Dorset - saw about 20 in Christchurch harbour area. As I watched them, I thought back as to how thrilled I was to see my first one about 16 years ago. You can now see them in almost any pond, lake, river, coastal area or ditch in this part of the UK!

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I agree

We first saw them down on the Helford River in Cornwall about 15 years ago. We were very excited (like you Vinny) to see them, and said to my french exchange student at the time "Wow, look aren't they amazing?!" and she said "Bof, we have these in my country". Now, as Vinny says, they are quite widespread, and whenever we see one, our family say "Bof, we have these in our country"!

Sarah West
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Yorkshire and Humber

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I agree too

'Twitched' my first UK one in Anglesey in early 90's; shoulda waited as now they are only a short walk from home. By coincidence one of my mates wrote this about them today - I didn't realise they were only re-colonising http://anotherbirdblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/more-food-for-thought.html



The magic of nature is all around us - we just need to learn how to see it.

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little Egrets

Saw the biggest group ever in trees at Red Wharf bay Anglesey.They apparently breed in summer using other birds vacated nests.