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Observed: 28th September 2011 By: jmr658
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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A pale beige coloured fungi with a domed cap which almost has a frill. It stood 6 cm high and the cap measured 2.5 cm across. The stipe was straight all the way down with a slightly pinky colour. The gills were adnexed. It was a very fragile and dry to the touch.


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Not Mycena filopes

Gill attachment is wrong and the cap of M. filopes is rarely more than a centimetre across, usually a pale lilac grey, and on a very thin stem as the Latin name suggests ("filament foot").

I don't know what it is, just what it isn't.

What colour was the spore print? This HAS to be the starting point with an unknown toadstool.


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Many thanks for that. I did

Many thanks for that. I did not do a spore print but am going back to the site this weekend so will try to find a specimen to take a spore print from. Judith

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a must

I take spore prints of all fungus as it is another clue to the id,also smell,texture,and measurements.I carry a notepad and pencil,ruler,knife,basket container's for small specimen's and do notes on habitat too.It is amazing how many you collect when out and note are a must as you forget.I really does help and also help's others id them if you don't know.