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Observed: 5th October 2011 By: Caroline Sebastian

Buff coloured, semi transparent skin (you can see the innards when they move. there is a dark dot on the bottom end. I thought this may be the anus. Lots of little frond like things around the edge. They look like legs but are not used as such. I found these in my utility. They were motionless when I found them. I put them in a tray and, after a short time they became active. I want to know fairly urgently what they are so that I can put them in the right place before they starve to death. Many thanks in advance.

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    Hoverfly (Volucella species)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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They may be some kind of pupa or lava that is looking for a winter retreat. They are likely to hatch into something that you may have seen many times.


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Thank you Richard Jones.

Thank you Richard Jones. That makes sense as I had a wasps nest in the roof of the utility destroyed the other week. And one day I found a wasp fighting with and killing what looked like a hornet in that room. The wasp was half the size of the 'hornet'. I think you are definitely right.