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Large Lively Wasps?

Observed: 4th October 2011 By: Christine Hardisty
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About 6-8 large, lively wasps in an unused, closed bedroom. Suspect the source may have been grubs(2cm approx) grey/pink/beige (2 live ones remained)in the glass lampshade. Would like to understand how they got there... and whether there may be more to hatch. Thanks

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are probably a species of Volucella (Hoverfly) which are scavengers in wasp nests. Possibly you have a wasp nest in your roof space, and the grubs came through a space where the light fitting joins the ceiling?

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Vespula species

Lots of males about now. Distinctly longer antennae than either workers or queens. You can pick them up with impunity as, since the stinger is part of the egg-laying tube, males cannot sting. Make very sure it is a male before you pick one up. Oh, and if it does sting you, you've made a mistake and picked up a female in error.

Richard Jones