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Frog Remains

Observed: 2nd October 2011 By: Chris Johnson

At first this either looks like animal remains and invertebrate eggs. Both had a dry feel and no discernable smell. We also found two instances along the same track which probably rules out animal remains, no signs of blood, other tissue or fur/feathers. No sign of movement.

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Is that freshly mown grass?

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I think that is a dead thing. Frog maybe?

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My first thought was a

My first thought was a Flymoed Frog or Toad, but neither of these is regular on S Uist as far as I know. The 'caviar' looks like the core of the spawn (the gelatinous coat comes just before laying) and the white bits like sections of intestine. Definitely animal and not a myxo, I think.



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Thanks Murdo, This is grazed

Thanks Murdo,
This is grazed grass. No toads but we have Common Frog.
Perhaps I'd better try some microscopy to see if its animal or fungal


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Blast from the future

This needs a revision Christine (and welcome to 2016!)
Change the title - it is either frog- or toad-remains.
"The common frog may be found in the centre of the island though it, along with any newts or toads present are introduced species" Wiki

I think ihis deserves a new ID, say Anura (use the Drop-down in Scientific name) 'Frog or Toad remains' in Common name . This may not attract any agreements but it covers both frogs and toads. Any agreements are likely to generate an Icon for you - after looking at your second post, you deserve one!
Get cracking on seaweeds and marine creepie crawlies please!