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Possible galls in Cowberry

Observed: 11th March 2010 By: RHomanRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRHoman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Possible galls on Cowberry leaf underside
Cowberry leaf upperside

Pimple like swellings on the underside of a cowberry leaf (Vaccinium vitis-idae).


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Doesn't quite fit the

Doesn't quite fit the description I have for that - have you had a look to see if there is anything inside?

Peter Shirley

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Thanks Peter

Opening up the swelling on the leaf shown above the rib in the left photograph revealed a doubling in thickness with a hard mass of fibres.


Robert Homan

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OK, so no invertebrate

OK, so no invertebrate connection then. If you email me directly with the photos attached I'll try our fungus expert at Kew. (petershirley@blueyonder .co.uk)

Peter Shirley

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not an Exobasidium

Unfortunately, I am can't provide an identification for these leave spots from a photo. It might very well be fungus. There are serveral ascomycetes infecting cowberry leaves (a closer look, possibly microscopic examination would be needed to varify this). Exobasidium infections on cowberry leaves cause rather thick and conspicuous, brightly coloured galls.