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Ichneumonid wasp

Observed: 3rd June 2011 By: markstruttonmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebratesmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebrates
ichneumonid wasp lateral
ichneumonid wasp dorsal
ichneumonid wasp frontal

10mm, generally black, front half of abdomen red, (last two segments of abdomen pale grey), tibia red, roots of wings cream. Eyes reddish. On Willow at woodland edge. Late evening.

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I tried to get a more

I tried to get a more accurate ID for the Ichneumon Wasp that I spotted but found that there were several thousand. Good luck.

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Very diverse

Thanks - it is staggering that one can find such a profusion of species in a back garden, but at the same time frustrating that identification is so hard. If one were prepared to kill every new insect seen, it would be easier, but that would seem to miss the point.