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Cortodera femorata

Observed: 3rd June 2011 By: markstruttonmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebratesmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebrates
Cortodera femorata 001
Cortodera femorata 001 1
Cortodera femorata 001 1 2
Cortodera femorata 001 1 2 3

Black Coleopteran, 8mm, long reddish antennae, black and reddish legs

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Ah well - next time,

Ah well - next time, perhaps.



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Thanks - it also matches the

Thanks - it also matches the other iSpot photos of Grammoptera ruficornis very well. The illustration in Harde's field guide does not accurately represent the colouring seen in any of these!