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Yellow-necked Mouse

Observed: 1st October 2011 By: Graham JamesGraham James’s reputation in Mammals
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Three were collecting acorns from under a nearby tree and taking them into a hole under the leaf litter.

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Possible optical illusion but...

On the second picture the collar on the neck looks like it joins up. Made me wonder if it is a yellow necked mouse.

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Possible optical illusion but ....

I also took a short video of it grooming (which is at and I tend to think that the collared effect is just an optical illusion.

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Extra photo

I have added a video-grab shot of the mouse grooming which may be of help.

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cute video

At the end of your vid it faces the camera and that collar does go all the way around. I would be inclined to think that is a YN.

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Cute mouse

Very cute mouse/mice and I agree the end of the video and the second photo show a band of brown from shoulder to shoulder hence yellow-necked. Quite an unusual spot - well done for capturing it on camera!

Gill Sinclair
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After studying the video again, I think you are right. The collar appears to meet and is broad enough to suggest Yellow-necked.

Many thanks.

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I totally agree - yellow necked mouse. - you can tell from picture 2 that the band is uninterrupted.