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Unknown mammal footprints

Observed: 14th March 2010 By: jon keanjon kean’s reputation in Mammals

The mamal had left these prints in sodt mud next to a deep puddle. They are not like any prints I have seen around here before

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Could they be Mink or a Stoat?

Hi Jon,

Could they be Mink or a Stoat?

Mink Prints

Approx. 2.5cm across. In most cases digit 1 would not be visible, and the pad may be only partially visible.

Stoat Prints

Approx 1.3cm across. They are very similar in shape to a mink print but much smaller. Sometimes there is a bit of overlap in size between a female mink and a large stoat and this can make it difficult to identify a footprint.


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I think these are mink prints for the reasons given above.

Graham Banwell

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