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Green spheres

Observed: 30th September 2011 By: cicuta58
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Green Spheres

I found these small green spheres, ca 1-2mm diameter on gravelly mud by a reservoir. They are firmly fixed and full of water when they burst. Some presumably collapsed ones can be seen. They don't seem to be fungal, so may be alga or some other lower plant. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Small ones

It looks to me like there are a lot more small ones forming. They must be part of some kind of plant.


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Botrydium granulatum

If it is the alga B. granulatum, the sacs are apparently 'coenocytes' (single cells with multiple nuclei) attached to the mud by rhizoids (root hairs).

Presumably the name refers to the fine granules that can be seen in the images linked below, which seem a good match for cicuta58's photo.


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Thanks for the ID. I had also been given this name by someone else I sent the photos to so I am sure you are right. What odd things nature throws up!