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Caterpillar on Hills around Loch Thom

Observed: 20th September 2011 By: aml538
Caterpillar on Hills around Loch Thom
Caterpillar on Hills around Loch Thom 1

Many caterpillars of this type seen at around this time of the year for a short while - such that you have to watch where you are walking. What butterfly or moth are they and where do they go to, do they hibernate or pupate over the cold winters, when do they emerge? perhaps they feed on the flowering heather?, and they seem to be distasteful to birds/animals as nothing seems to be interested in eating them. I think they may be very widely located on the scottish hills and not just in this local area, but from the large number of caterpillars I don't recall a subsequent explosion in butterfly or moth numbers in the year and it would be good to identify it.

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