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Observed: 25th September 2011 By: crobins745

What bird is in the middle of the pack of Ringed Plover?

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What bird is in the middle of the pack of Ringed Plover?


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is it a knot?

Ringed plover 17-19.5cm, knot 23-26 so should look significantly larger. The bird in this flock is no bulkier than RP. Further white fringes to primaries are apparent suggesting a 1cy bird so cant be moulting out of sum plum. Bill also very long for knot. I would tend towards Curlew Sand, or perhaps a rather rufous Dunlin. Post on for more expert opinion.

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I think you might have a

I think you might have a point there, David. Not sure about Curlew Sand, though - the shape looks a bit wrong. Click in haste, repent at leisure!



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Too small for a Knot

I tend to agree this is too small for a Knot, but can't be certain as to id.Bill appears too straight for Curlew Sand and the upper breast appears to have blackish flanks - if pushed I'd say Dunlin, but it's not an easy one, possibly best left without firm id on the evidence available