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Observed: 26th September 2011 By: class6

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More information would be helpful please!

This has the look of a Bolete but a view or description of the underside to see if there are pores or gills and what colour they are would help identification. Also the proportion of the stem length compared to the cap width, the shape, girth and flesh of the stem and whether there is a stem ring are diagnostic features. Fungi are often very specific about where they grow so a description of the habitat and what they are growing on helps narrow down species too.

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A tip...

People often feel bad about picking fungi, but you have to remember that the vast majority of the organism is actually underground, the mushroom is just the fruiting body of the fungus. If there are several of the same type of mushroom in the area then it won't do any harm to pick it to look underside for the features Janet suggests.
If you don't want to pick it then a small mirror can be placed underneath the mushroom to allow a photograph to be taken.


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