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Yellow slime mould

Observed: 29th September 2011 By: Natterjacktoad
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I wonder what is the origin of the vernacular name?

I've also heard it called 'eggs of tan' which at least has some link to the yoke like colour of the fruiting body.

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Its certainly an improvement

Its certainly an improvement on, if less descriptive than, dog-vomit slime mold.

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Certainly an improvement; I

Certainly an improvement; I really thought that 'dog vomit' was a wrong title. When I sent in the one that I photographed, not knowing what it was, I called it lemon peel slime mould, cos thats what it looked like and now, I have scrambled egg slime mould. One ID name would be appropriate I think, assuming that these are all the same one.

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The scientific name is the important one and the one that needs to be constant. Having lots of venacular names seems fine to me - I understand that the dog's vomit name is American for instance, and no doubt the French call it something else (in French) again.

Although if your dog is vomiting something that colour you really need to take it to the vet.