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Canadian Fleabane

Observed: 17th August 2011 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in Plants
Canadian Fleabane 1
Canadian Fleabane 1 1

This plant was found growing in a neglected border of a car park at Minehead - Somerset. The clump was a lot bigger than I have seen in this flower previously.

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Capitulum diameter

I didn't notice Peterj had given an estimate of capitulum diameter. 5mm diameter would support this being C. sumatrensis.

Just to clarify, we now have several Conyza species as introductions, mainly in southern Britain and spreading. C. sumatrensis has been established around London for several years, but now the situation is becoming increasingly complex and fitting plants to current concepts is not always easy.


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C. sumatrensis

Thanks Alan

This is another new one for me and it is one I have taken for granted as knowing up until now.



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not C. candensis

Looks like C. floribundus to me. What do you anglophones mean by 'across'? Bottom to top or left to right? C. sumatrensis clearly has larger flower heads than C. candensis. C. floribundus does not.

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Across means from side to side. Top to bottom would be high or long.


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then, this should be C. sumatrensis.