DSC_1125 false truffle to check

Observed: 28th September 2011 By: STEWART TAYLORSTEWART TAYLOR’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
DSC_1125 false truffle to check
DSC_1125 false truffle to check 1

This fungus was found growing, above ground, on the woodland floor. It looks like the false truffle. All around were 10's of fruiting bodies of the parasitic fungus Cordyceps ophioglossoides and I wondered whether their host, Elaphomyces granulatus, had, for some reason, grown above ground. The fungus was 2cm diameter (1st photo) and the second photo shows the truffle, in situ, with the black parasite fungus close by.


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If you cut it in half you can

If you cut it in half you can split between E muricatus and E granulatus. They both have a thick skin but the former has smooth flesh and the latter has granular flesh