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A visit to Cley Marshes, Norfolk

Observed: 5th July 2009 By: Andrew GoodallBirds expert

Norfolk Wildlife Trust Reserve, reedbeds, pools, coast

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I wouldn't normally be ready to confirm a bird's ID from such a short description, but in this case I make an exception!

Bob Ford

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Spoonbills at Stifkey

I am almost 100% certain I saw the same sponbills in a goup of 5 flying over the marshes at Stifkey.


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Not necessarily, there are several areas of the UK that regularly hold small flocks of these amazing birds. You can tell them from egrets in flight by the fact that they hold their long necks stretched out in front of them - making them look like swans with long legs!

Bob Ford

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There were two on the Dee

There were two on the Dee estuary in June. I was lucky enough to have had my scope with me at Parkgate as they were a distance away. Unmistakable once in focus.

Just go out there and do it!!!

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Breeding in North Norfolk

It has been officially announced that spoonbills are now breeding in North Norfolk, with flocks of upto 19 regularly showing at Cley.