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Red Squirrel in East Sussex ???

Observed: 29th September 2011 By: 1066tony1066tony’s reputation in Mammals
red squirrel?-4
red squirrel?-4 1

Would love some ID on this .... i'm dubious as i took this shot in East Sussex in a hedgerow bordering marsh and farmland. Not typical habitat and not heard of Red Squirrels being in Sussex??

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Amazing if it is a red, which

Amazing if it is a red, which it certainly looks like one with the tufted ears. My first thought was a 'Red' Grey Squireel which do exist, but the ears are def tufted on this individual

Graeme Davis

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That looks like a red squirrel to me.

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Definately a red


I live near the Sefton Coast where we still have red squirrels and this is definately a red squirrel. Nice spot, are there many records for Reds still being present in Sussex?

Rachael Rhodes
Biodiversity mentor - North West

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Red Squirrel

Rachael..... I've contacted local wildlife trust and Red Squirrel Trust so waiting to hear . Still wondering may be some kind of hybrid although does look significantly like Red.

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Brilliant spot :-)

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Great spot

Brilliant photos. Great spot. Looks like a red to me - really hope it is.

Gill Sinclair
OU Certificate in Contemporary Science
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red squirrel

Gill......Been in touch with local trust and Red Squirrel Trust and its definitely a Red..... most likely an escape as no populations reported in Sussex.

Wow you've done a lot of travelling...some great pics on your website... interested to see the Whale Fest!

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Scientific name

Worth adding the scientific name to this so that it links up with other relevant images.