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Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Garden

I discovered this lovely resource in the heart or London the other day. www.nhm.ac.uk/visit-us/galleries/orange-zone/wildlife-garden/index.html

The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Garden is not large but they pack a lot in. Ponds and a reedbed are surrounded by hedgerows towered over by London Planes. These are brimming with bird and bat boxes. There is even a meadow with sheep! (On loan from that other fine location The London Wetland Centre. www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/london.) According to their information leaflet there have been; over 300 native plant species, more than 50 recorded bird species, more than 300 butterfly and moth species as well as the standard set of mammals you might expect in a London garden (they don’t mention rats lol). I can add at least two species of dragonfly and one damselfly.

As well as an oasis for wildlife fans on a lunch break the garden provides an education source for local schools and is used for active research by museum scientists and volunteers.

I recommend a lunchtime visit if you are in the area (you may even catch me there), unfortunately they shut to the public over winter (boo hisss) so best hurry.




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Thank you

I had no idea this place existed.


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I have been there in summer

I have been there in summer 2010 and it is worth a visit and there are several hedgerow species and good range of wildlife. Enjoyed my visit very much. It is true that it can easily be missed out, but when there is an event, NHM does advertise quite well that visitors can get attracted to the gardens.Thats how we went there.


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Please note access is now through the museum and the signage to this effect is not great. Previously it was accessed via a gate from the lawn. Ambivalent about this – went to go last week during lunch but there was a humongous queue for the museum however it does appear ‘wilder’.