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29.09.2011 (28)
29.09.2011 (28) 1
29.09.2011 (28) 1 2
29.09.2011 (28) 1 2 3
29.09.2011 (28) 1 2 3 4

I have included the last two photographs because these two have been everywhere together for the last two days. The lighter one looks to be a Stonechat female with dark legs and a pale eye ring and the other has pale legs and a pink eye ring.

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Interesting that they have

Interesting that they have been no further apart than ten metres over the last two days though.

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Find the Stonechat find the Dartford Warbler

Dominic Couzens wrote an article in the June 2011 edtition of Bird Watching magazine about this habit of Stonechats and Dartford Warblers foraging together.

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Dartford Warblers and Stonechats.

I haven't seen the Birdwatching magazine article, so I don't know what they said about this behaviour, but it is common to find Dartford Warblers associating with Stonechats.
This is frequently seen even in areas where Dartford Warblers don't usually occur (such as south Essex), where the Dartford Warblers presumably find the Stonechats after arrival(?).
It seems likely that both species may benefit from the other one potentially spotting predators.

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I did notice that the

I did notice that the Stonechat was constantly on top of gorse or brambles keeping lookout whilst the Dartford Warbler foraged in amongst the gorse and other plants. Interesting and thanks.