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Mysterious butterfly

Observed: 23rd June 2009 By: hd2398

Butterfly, solidly poppy-red wings apart from two small black spots in the middle of the top wings. 3-4cm wing span. Rounded wing edges. I'm as sure as I possibly can be it wasn't a Burnett moth; wrong wing shape and not enough black. Any ideas?! I'm stumped! Sorry, no photo...

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Cinnabar Moth?

Cinnabar Moth?

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Your insect must be a moth as no butterflies fit your description. However, which one? I can not think of any moths that fit either. The closest would be a cinnabar moth but they have dark upper-wings with red spots - the opposite to your description. Also the spots are along the trailing edge of the wing not in the centre. Everything else fits with a cinnabar.

Your description of red wings with black spots fit the scarlet tiger moth's under-wing but its upper-wing is black with white and yellow spots.

I'll keep looking/thinking and get back to you if I come up with anything. In the meantime, I suggest you put cinnabar and scarlet tiger moth into Google images and see if either looks familiar?

Graham Banwell

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