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Willow tit

Observed: 7th March 2010 By: WombatWombat’s reputation in BirdsWombat’s reputation in Birds
Willow tit
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Small Bird

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Or Marsh Tit

I don't think there is really enough in the image to eliminate Marsh Tit. Did you hear it calling?

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Marsh tit?

Thank you for your comment.I didn't hear this bird calling, it was to busy eating! according to my spotters guide the MARSH TIT has a shiney black cap, and the WILLOW TIT has a matt black cap, having never spotted either bird before and have nothing to compare with, how shiney is shiney? I shall endeavour to get a more conclusive photo.

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Cap can vary in both species

Whether the black cap is shiny or matt is now considered an unreliable characteristic for separating these two tits. It seems that it can vary in both species depending on age, sex, and how dominant the individual is!

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marsh tit

thanks for your help with this, I can now sleep at night! and also enjoy watching the little Marsh tit, now I know what it is.

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cheep chirp chirp chirp

its a definate Cheep chirp chirp chirp. plus some more inconclusive photos,