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Observed: 18th September 2011 By: Natalia
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No identification made yet.

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I don't think it would help

I don't think it would help me personally come up with a suggestion but was it hard, soft, rubbery?

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Fungus Ramaria species?

Fungus Ramaria species?

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transliterates as Gorod Kirovsk,Murmanskaya Oblast

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Certainly looks like a

Certainly looks like a Ramaria (coral fungus).
I have been trying to find a list of fungi books for Russia so if you happen to come across any of these could you give the details on this observation or, perhaps better, a forum post.
Would like to get an idea of the number and variety of fungi species in north west (well European) Russia and how it compares to other parts of Europe. So for example if we use the identification guides that cover other parts of Europe are we missing out on many species that occur in Russia. From my visits to various places there it seems that many of the fungi species are the same as we get in western europe but there are some that are different.

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guides from Russia

Dear Mike,
thank you for your attention. The picture of fubgi sent to Alena one guy from her climbing-team, and that's why we haven't info about its ecology and morphology.
It probably looks like Ramaria sp., but rather unusual one. I find some references to Russian Guidebooks? 'll send to your mail address

Erinaceus europaeus (picture of Vlada Kaftannikova)