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I keep thinking it is a common darter however the nearest two or three from images here have few agreements on them. The wing spots do not look black enough. the legs are in shade too so trouble with banding.

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Almost certainly Common.

I've agreed with Common Darter because I would think that that is what it is - to be honest it isn't really possible to be certain from this photo, so perhaps it would have been best left at a confidence level of "It's likely to be this" (although realistically it is unlikely to be anything else considering the location).

Female Ruddy Darters tend to show more of a black 'T' mark on the thorax, instead of just a black collar (though I wouldn't rely on this for an ID), and I believe that there are pale stripes just about visible on the legs.

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re: Common Darter

By Relative size and thickness of abdomen its a probable over mature female common darter but as previous commenter said its impossible to see banding on legs or markings on thorax to be absolutely sure