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Crab Spider (?) - (From OPAL'S Discover What Lives In A Hedge Survey.)

Observed: 25th September 2011 By: rmh392
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Pretty and quite feisty little orangey brown spider beaten out of a hedge into a tray whilst conducting OPALS Discover What Lives In A Hedgerow Survey.

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It has short legs so if it is a Philodromus it's immature. Yet you say its 8mm. So, I wonder about Ozyptila. What do you mean by feisty? If it was very active that suggests Philodromus, which are much commoner

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Thank you for your feedback Alan

It was indeed very active but probably wasn't that impressed about having been beaten out of a hedge. I don't know very much about spiders

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in that case -

I suspect you're right and it's a young Philodromus due to become adult next year